I’m Kathleen (or Kat). The majority of my blog consists of reviews/summaries/etc of the books I read. I am moderately scatterbrained so my posts are sometimes a general summary, sometimes commentary, sometimes blunt criticism, sometimes a mix. I recently realized that I forgot most of the books I read pre-college (sorry BPHS Teachers). My goal with this blog is simply to assist my future self in remembering the books I read and maybe make you laugh along the way (but seriously no promises). 

Occasionally some political, feminist, or general social rights posts might slip in as well. I may be a slightly opinionated individual, so fair warning if you subscribe.

Well I hope you enjoy my blog, feel free to email me with any suggestions or feedback.

Also I would love to hear from any readers so please leave a comment on any post and I will be happy to respond. If you do not have a wordpress.com account you can follow my blog with the link to your right –> and you will receive emails whenever I post something new.

Thanks for looking around!


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