Request for Ireland Tips

This year is absolutely FLYING by, and I just realized my trip to Ireland is less than a month away. I’m a bit of a planner, so this is starting to stress me out. This is where you come in, I need some advice.

I can google around for hours (and I have been), but I’d really like some tips from people who have actually traveled there. Things that maybe Google can’t provide. We’ll obviously hit the major tourist attractions, but it’s the little things that make the best memories. (Not to say that I don’t want advice on the must-sees.)

A few things to note:

  • I’ll be there the week of Memorial day with my mom and my sister. Nine days total (including travel days so really seven full days.)
  • I got an Airbnb in Dublin with plans to take day trips elsewhere. I’ll probably choose at least two from this list, but not sure which ones yet.
  • Quite frankly, cost is not something I’m worried about. I will likely never travel with just my mom and sister ever again so I want to make this trip as memorable as possible.
  • We would prefer not to have to drive on our own, that’s a disaster waiting to happen. So trips would ideally either be part of a tour group or just within the Dublin city limits.
  • Most importantly: We drink, we like good food, we’re all very Irish, and we just want to have the best time possible.

Also between the three of us, our best camera is an iPhone 8. SO I need to purchase a real camera. I know next to nothing about cameras so advice there would be great as well. Keeping in mind that we are not expert photographers, so ease of use is a must. And I know, pictures aren’t everything, it’s the memories that count. But the photo for this post on my homepage is literally the most recent picture I have of the three of us. And that baby in my sister’s belly is now 3.5 years old. We need some pictures.

Comments below or emails through my feedback section above are SO appreciated. Thank you in advance!

P.S. I have made zero reading progress in a week because travelling for work is exhausting. And now I’m going to be planning this out for a bit so it might be a while until I finish I, Eliza Hamilton

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