Half Moon Bay by Alice LaPlante

As I mentioned in my last post, I have a few books to read from Netgalley.com. My first book is called Half Moon Bay by New York Times bestseller author Alice LaPlante.

Half Moon Bay follows the story of Jane, a woman who has recently gone through the terrible trauma of losing a child and getting a divorce from her husband. Jane moved to Half Moon Bay to try to escape her terrible misfortune, only to face more traumatizing events in this new town. Soon after she settles into this town, Edward and Alma, a gorgeous couple in a rather open relationship, move there as well. Jane begins spending more and more time with them and her life starts to spiral out of control. Meanwhile, young girls are being kidnapped and murdered and the authorities are very suspicious of Jane. They suspect her motive to be that she wants other parents to feel the same pain she feels every day. I don’t want to spoil anything more so I’ll leave it at that.

I found Half Moon Bay to be enjoyable, but slightly predictable. As I was approaching the end, I was fairly certain I knew the exact “twist” that would be coming and was thoroughly disappointed when I was correct. Not that I found the novel boring, I just wanted there to be something unexpected. I enjoyed the writing style, with my only complaint being the chapter lengths. I am very picky about wanting to finish a chapter before I put a book down. Unfortunately, Half Moon Bay is split into 4 parts with the longest taking me roughly two hours to finish, making it difficult for my pre-bedtime reading to satisfy my OCD. Nevertheless, it was an interesting novel that gave an honest look into how devastating loss can be.


Not sure which book I’ll pick up next so stay tuned…

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