#22: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Okay I went out of order. I think I’m going to read Don Quixote through the end of the year while also knocking out all the shorter books. It’s just too hard to read Don Quixote nonstop for hours on end.

I watched the film a couple of years ago and was not a fan, it was incredibly slow. The book was much faster paced. It’s under 200 pages and I read it in the same amount of time it would have taken to watch the movie. A little ridiculous, don’t you think? Considering significantly longer books have been turned into 2.5 hour films no problem, it seems rather superfluous for The Great Gatsby to take more than an hour and a half through film.

Regardless, I will say I was pleasantly surprised by the book after having seen the film. Also I will admit that my distaste for the movie resulted in me blocking it out of my memory and forgetting much of the plot, specifically the ending (which I will not reveal in case anyone has yet to read this classic.) While I enjoyed the book more than the film, it still isn’t about to top the list of my favorites from the 30 books I chose. I found Gatsby too irritating, if he called one more person ‘Old Sport,’ I swear to God…

I already finished another book and I am anxious to write that blog post, so moving right along…

Next up, Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin…

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