#9 Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

A+ for entertainment value. This was one of the books Google told me to read and is one of the newest books I’ve read thus far. Steven Spielberg is directing this movie to come out in 2018, I have high hopes.

Here’s a quick plot summary to spark your interest: It’s the year 2044. A few years prior, a great video game creator James Halliday passed away. In his will he left his billions of dollars to whomever could find the secret ‘Easter Egg’ hidden in his game. His game is called OASIS, and it is so much more than a game. It is a full experience, the ultimate virtual reality to escape from the real world which has crumbled from global warming and a recession. Halliday leaves behind an almanac of his life and his interests, mostly focused around the 1980’s, which is intended to help the OASIS players to find the egg and also the 3 keys and 3 gates that lead up to finding the egg. Fast forward a few years and we have Wade Watts, a high school student who attends public school in the OASIS and is obsessed with Halliday, even after the hype has died down when no one found any keys for many years. Wade is the first person to find the first of three keys in the game, step one to finding the egg. Now the race to find the egg is back in full swing and Wade has to stay focused despite his first virtual love interest and the wrath of IOI, a corporation determined to find the egg and change everything about the OASIS.

Overall, Ready Player One is a very entertaining novel, though I’m sure I would have enjoyed it even more if I understood all the ’80s references and video game references. Nonetheless, it was a fun and easy read to break up some of the other reading I have been doing.

Next up, Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad…

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