Why the Trump-Hitler comparison is important

Why do we learn math in school? “Because everything you do in life involves some sort of math.”

Why do we learn history in school? “So that we can learn from past mistakes and not allow history to repeat itself.”

As children, the above two answers were drilled into our brains. Sure enough, as children enter into adulthood, they realize that the first answer was indeed correct. Perhaps we do not all need to know advanced calculus or trigonometry, but simple math is used regularly. If you follow politics, then you also see the validity of the second answer. Leaders learn from the mistakes of past leaders in developing their decisions. Even at the micro level, we (hopefully) all learn from the mistakes we have made so that we can make wiser decisions in our future.

So when people compare Donald Trump to Hitler, I don’t think it’s something you can shrug off. This is what I hear: “We can’t just throw the Hitler card around. Trump has not murdered innocent people.”

True, but we cannot wait until Trump does hurt innocent people (death or otherwise) to make the comparison. We need to recognize that his ideology and rhetoric is eerily similar to Hitler and his rise to power and stop him before it is too late.

I’m not going to go into how similar they are, but here are two links that talk about this comparison:



I understand that making a comparison to Hitler is a very heavy claim, but we can’t ignore the facts. We take history in school for a reason. Hitler didn’t rise to power by murdering. He rose to power by leeching onto the fear that German citizens had, and as a result was able to murder millions of people. Please understand this cause and effect.

People on the right say that Hillary is just like President Obama and thus, would never want her in office. I think I’d rather have someone compared to Obama than someone compared to Hitler. Maybe that’s just me.

The white supremacists in this country should be the ones in fear right now. Not us. We are not the minority. We should be the ones rising up against the white supremacists to let them know that America is better than that. If you really want to make America great again, don’t vote for Trump. There are other options. Don’t take the chance that history could repeat itself.

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