Guns, guns, and more guns

As gun regulations are coming to the forefront of politics due to recent events, supporters of guns are developing some creative arguments to ensure their guns aren’t taken away.

Argument one: More people die from traffic incidents and cars aren’t being taken away!

True. But are these really comparable? Let’s handle each problem separately and work on a solution. Imagine if it were legal to drive under the influence, how many traffic accidents would we have then? But that idea is crazy, right? We have the opportunity to save people’s lives by making it illegal to drive drunk. Sure some people will still do it, and some people will be killed in the process, but at least we are doing something. On that note, think back to when cars were first invented. There were no seat belts and no speed limits. As more people died from car accidents, regulations were set in place that enforced speed limits, seat belts, and even the age at which one can drive. It is the responsibility of our government to set forth regulations to decrease the number of deaths in these situations. This is what gun control is all about. A reasoned discussion needs to happen about what we can do to limit the number of deaths caused by guns. We do this with every single thing we have in America that can cause injury – safety regulations at work, health regulations regarding our food, drug regulations regarding our drugs. Why should guns be exempt?

Further, comparing deaths is such an inhumane thing to do. If one activity kills more people each year, that is terrible and unfortunate and we should do something about it. But that should not hold us back from passing regulations to stop deaths from other activities from occurring.

And just a side note here – I think we can agree that for the majority, democrats are more in favor of gun regulations than republicans. So for the most part, republicans are making this very argument. Well, just a fun fact for you, this past summer, the republicans pushed for lower traffic safety regulations. So what are people trying to get out of this argument? People die more in traffic incidents than gun crime so let’s do nothing about either situation. In fact, let’s make driving more dangerous! Logic!

For more information about these GOP proposals:



Argument two: Murderers will murder with or without a gun!

Interesting, show me those stats. The only statistics that I see plausible to bring up here are the statistics for countries that have gun regulations. Looking at the before and after, we can clearly see that gun violence has decreased. With respect to America, we cannot make this argument and know for sure that it is accurate. And yes, yes – “BUT AMERICA IS NOT LIKE OTHER COUNTRIES.” Now this confuses me. People say this with such immense pride. You’re proud to be a part of a country where one of the differences that sets us apart from others is our desire to murder with or without guns? Well that’s upsetting. Also, bringing up other murderers that killed without a gun shows absolutely nothing. Well this guy built a bomb and killed people, so why take our guns away? There are always going to be ways to murder, but that does not mean that we shouldn’t do everything we can to eliminate the deaths we have control over.

Argument three: I like my gun and you just can’t take it away.

Well first of all, yes, yes they can. But more importantly, why are you so damn scared about getting your gun taken away? That isn’t the point. The point is regulations. Regulations to ensure that certain people do not get guns. If you are a law-abiding citizen that is mentally healthy then you will get your gun. Maybe there will be more hoops to jump through, but isn’t that worth it to ensure a gun doesn’t fall into the wrong hands?

I don’t know what the solution is to America’s gun problem, but I do know that regulations are a step in the right direction. It seems very ignorant and selfish to think otherwise.

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