Good Luck, Billy and Karen!

My brother has been my rock for my entire life. Even when he was in Boston and I was in Broadalbin, or when I was in Bethlehem and he was in NYC, we would always call each other about that funny thing our professor said or just because we needed someone to talk to on our walk to lunch. And the best part was that I always knew I would see him again soon. Unfortunately, the distance is going to be a lot greater over this next year. I will remain in Bethlehem, but he will be in Alaska. Still, just a phone call away, but it seems a bit different when I have to factor in a four hour time difference and I don’t even have the option of catching the next bus to see him.

Anyways, my brother, Billy, and his girlfriend, Karen, departed yesterday morning for their twenty-ish day drive to Anchorage. He has a clerkship for a year and (hopefully) will be home after that. That is one Christmas and one Thanksgiving that just won’t be the same for anyone.

I am really excited for him and look forward to hearing all about their adventures on this long journey. Speaking of, you should all take a moment to read their blog: Stanley the Thermos. My brother is one of the funniest person I know, so this blog is sure to be a treat. It is written from the perspective of Stanley, a psychologically broken thermos. It will (probably) make sense when you read it.

Seriously, go read that blog.

I would like to ask you all to keep Billy and Karen in your thoughts over the next few weeks. For those of you that aren’t aware, my brother is not exactly accustomed to driving. He drove more over the past five days with his new Subaru Outback than he has in his entire life. So, ya know, if you have a second to say a little prayer or happy thought or something, please do.

Good Luck, Billy and Karen, I will be thinking of you, missing you, and praying for your safety.

Now go read their blog. In case you forgot, it’s Stanley the Thermos.


  1. Great picture. Brings back memories of beautiful times. In one more year you will be the one moving away. As a parent you always want to see your kids be successful and most of all be happy. Distance makes one sad but the blogs help us seem closer. Keep on writing and sharing your stories and know that you are loved dearly.


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